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Last year, we had gotten our first goats. Cookie, Smally Ball, Newbie and Sticky, Onyx and Quartz, Vincent Van Goat, Flaire, and lastly Nestor. When we had gotten Vincent back in April of 2017, he was a young buck at the time and he wasn't entirely mature yet. Within the next few months, we watched him grow and start to get busy with the girls. We thought they were pregnant really early on, so by September we were already expecting kids to come out, but as it turns out we were MANY months off. Onyx was first, she gave birth to her bucks Micah and Granite on Christmas Eve. Smally Ball was next on the 30th, having her doe-lings Pyramid and White Belly (Octagon) and her buck Cubert in a very dramatic birth, with Pyramid being a breach and White Belly still being in the embryonic sac. Cubert came out fine. Cookie was next having triplets, two bucks, Bagel and Tortilla, and a very pretty doe named Croissant in early January. Flaire then had her small triplets on the 22nd. They were all does, Derpy, Dappy, and Dotty. Then suddenly Sticky surprised us all by giving birth to her doe Windy much later in Febuary! However we had a tragedy after a couple weeks. We rushed out one afternoon after hearing a kid screaming, and we found Micah laying on the ground with a broken neck... He didn't make it. It was very saddening, but thankfully we've had no other incident like that since. All of the babies are healthy and happy.

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